Slottet (2003)

Created with: Photoshop & felt tip pen

This is an unfinished piece I began drawing over a sketch I made of the Estonian 'ghost castle' hidden in the middle of abandoned, overgrown Soviet bunkers and a derelict airfield.

It was a beautiful place and nature was finally starting to claim back what was purposefully soaked in gasoline for so long...
This castle, much like this drawing, was never finished. It has had several owners and there are many stories surrounding it. One's a tragic romantic story. Completely untrue, of course. I preferred the story of the obsessed man who ran out or funds or life before he could finish it. We had to draw it from a distance because of the danger of falling bricks.
The original piece is larger. It's partially an experiment in working with a greater resolution.

Towards the end of the year at the Folk Highschool in Karis, we went on a class trip to Estonia. I had been there before, but only to Tallin. Now, we traveled to Haapsalu and I can tell you it is a great place. Much more interesting... A strange, somewhat scary place at night (stalked by men armed with baseball bats, a dead cat that had obviously lain there for many days suddenly disappeared in the middle of the night, etc...)